Get Up to 50% Off on Ola Outstation Rides with GreatBuyz Coupons

Get Up to 50% Off on Ola Outstation Rides with GreatBuyz Coupons

Are you planning a weekend getaway or a long trip with your family or friends? Look no further than Ola Outstation, the perfect solution for all your travel needs. And with GreatBuyz coupons, you can save up to 50% on your Ola Outstation rides!

What is Ola Outstation?

Ola Outstation is a service provided by Ola, the popular ride-hailing company in India. With Ola Outstation, you can book a cab for outstation travel, whether it's a one-way trip or a round trip. You can choose from a wide range of cars, including sedans, SUVs, and hatchbacks, depending on your needs and budget.

Why Choose Ola Outstation?

There are several reasons why Ola Outstation is the best choice for your outstation travel needs:

  • Convenience: With Ola Outstation, you can book a cab from the comfort of your home or office, without having to stand in long queues or wait for public transport.
  • Affordability: Ola Outstation offers competitive pricing, with no hidden charges or extra fees. You can choose from a variety of packages, including hourly packages, distance packages, and round-trip packages, depending on your budget and requirements.
  • Safety: Ola Outstation drivers are well-trained and experienced, with a thorough background check. You can track your ride in real-time and share your ride details with your loved ones for added safety.
  • Comfort: Ola Outstation cars are well-maintained and equipped with all the necessary amenities, including air conditioning, music system, and comfortable seating.

How to Avail GreatBuyz Coupons for Ola Outstation?

Availing GreatBuyz coupons for Ola Outstation is easy and hassle-free. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Visit GreatBuyz: Go to the GreatBuyz website or app and search for Ola Outstation coupons.
  2. Choose a Coupon: Browse through the list of available coupons and choose the one that suits your needs and budget.
  3. Copy the Coupon Code: Click on the coupon to reveal the coupon code and copy it to your clipboard.
  4. Book Your Ride: Go to the Ola Outstation website or app and book your ride as usual.
  5. Apply the Coupon Code: At the time of payment, apply the coupon code to avail the discount.

Terms and Conditions:

Before availing GreatBuyz coupons for Ola Outstation, make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully. Here are some important points to keep in mind:

  • Validity: The coupons are valid for a limited period only and may expire soon. Make sure to check the expiry date before using the coupon.
  • Restrictions: Some coupons may have restrictions on usage, such as minimum booking amount, maximum discount, and specific payment modes. Make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully before using the coupon.
  • Non-Transferable: The coupons are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or any other benefits.
  • Multiple Coupons: You cannot use multiple coupons for a single ride. Only one coupon can be applied per ride.


With GreatBuyz coupons, you can save up to 50% on your Ola Outstation rides, making your travel more affordable and budget-friendly. So, what are you waiting for? Book your Ola Outstation ride today and enjoy a hassle-free and comfortable journey!